Learn Chinese from Movies (LCFM)

LCFM streams your favorite movies – all with Mandarin audio, Chinese-Pinyin-English subtitles, and PDF Transcripts – including:

* Hollywood Movies
*China Mainland Movies
* Taiwan Movies
* Hong Kong Movies

LCFM is compatible with all devices.

Say “Hello” to the All-New LCFM

Take a peak at the wide selection of your favorite titles. Chinese-Pinyin-English transcripts, available in both Simplified Chinese (CHS) and Traditional Chinese (CHT).

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LCFM for ALL Your Devices

Responsive design will guarantee LCFM displays brilliantly across all devices. Both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters are available for all LCFM materials on all devices.

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Over 2000 Characters PER Movie – Enough to Read a Chinese Newspaper

For each movie, learn the most commonly used Chinese characters – enough to read a Chinese Newspaper. 

Review LCFM characters on-the-go on any device.

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Chinese-Pinyin-English Transcripts for Every Line of a Given Film

Review all words and  characters in context with LCFM Video Transcripts. Try to memorize one scene at a time – and before you know it you will have memorized the entire movie. Each movie covers an incredible amount of different circumstances in which you would find yourself in China. Easily apply these dialogs to every unique situation you encounter.

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Hi Dagwood, I just want to say how much I am enjoying your pinyin subtitle product—I watched King of Masks today and was able to both enjoy the movie and learn/reinforce my efforts at learning Mandarin. The amount of work and detail those subtitle files represents is incredible. Thank you for creating such a good service.

Frank Maddox, Associate Professor of Economics, Oxford College of Emory University

For myself, I really enjoy how I can sit on the couch get comfortable and watch the whole thing. Also having transcripts in the Chinese-Pinyin-English format is great too - so I can read the transcripts before I watch the movies, then when I watch the movie I can just focus on the Chinese part and building up my skill level to the point when I can watch the movies like you would, say in a theater.

Kevin McKenzie

Learning Chinese through watching movies is a great idea, and I have tried doing it myself. But without pinyin subtitles (I don’t have time for hanzi) I don’t learn much from the movies. I am glad someone else has taken up the challenge, and am happy to support your efforts at least through purchasing the product. Tell me if there is any other way I can help out.


This is a great way to passively studying language.. the educational videos get so boring.


Hi there, just wanted to say thanks so much for putting together the subs for these movies. I’ve just moved to Shanghai and doing a lot of self-study, and I’ve found them incredibly helpful. They’ve really helped me a lot with my speaking and listening skills. I feel like I’m picking up the language a lot more because of what you’ve done. It’s really empowering and really expands my world since English is very sparse here, and in many cases, nonexistent. Much, much appreciated. Cheers

Dave Rollands